Brian’s OPTIK 3 Pro Goalie Blocker


  • REINFORCED SIDEWALL – Reinforced, internally laced sidewall design.
  • SMART DIAL STRAPPING SYSTEM – Replacing traditional backhand strapping, the Smart. Dial Strapping System allows the user to dial in a custom fit ensuring a secure, comfortable and consistent feel.
  • SIDEWALL ANCHOR STRAP – Wrist strap provide an anchor point for the sidewall to ensure less flaring and a consistently squared sidewall.
  • SMART STRAP ADJUSTMENT – Adjustable finger elastic sewn to the index and ring fingers provide improved tension and adjustability with the finger pads.
  • BEVELLED BLOCKER BOARD – Bevelled blocker board design reduces overall weight.
  • LOW & WIDE CUFF – Wide cuff opening for non-restrictive wrist motion.
  • REMOVABLE PILLOWS – Additional removable protective pillows located on the thumb and sidewall.
  • SQUARED THUMB – Redesigned, squared thumb opening for less restriction with the stick.
  • BRI-CORE – BRI-CORE Triaxle Carbon-Fibre Composite Reinforced Blocker Board Face provides significant rigidity.
  • FLARED BOARD – Flared upper blocker board design for greater control of rebound deflections.

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