Brian’s OPTIK 3 Pro Goalie Catcher


  • BEVELLED THUMB – One-piece bevelled thumb to direct pucks into the pocket.
  • ELASTIC THUMB STRAP – Elastic Thumb Strap creates a superior snap closure while minimizing resistance in the backhand of the Catch Glove.
  • SMART DIAL STRAPPING – The placement of two individual Smart Dials allows for the tension level on the hand and wrist to be customized ensuring the desired feel stays consistent all game.
  • HEX-AIR FLOATING WRIST PAD – The floating wrist pad features HEX-AIR for increased comfort and air flow.
  • SINGLE T – Wide single T design.
  • 40° LACED IN BREAK ANGLE – Laced in Break ensures a consistent break point
  • BRI-CORE – BRI-CORE Triaxle Carbon-Fibre Composite Reinforced Cuff provides significant rigidity.
  • HD FINGER PROTECTION – HD reinforced backhand to provide greater finger protection.
  • SEGMENTED BACKHAND – Segmented backhand allows the glove to bend properly creating less restriction and better closure.

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